In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Sanjay Goel, CEO of NachoNacho about his journey in the startup space, from banking and computer science to setting up his own company, NachoNacho, the world’s first integrated marketplace for SaaS solutions set to revolutionize how businesses deal with their software needs. The SaaS transition might have happened 15 years ago, but the challenges of developing a viable marketplace have left most businesses trawling google to find what they need. By facilitating a more managed buyer’s journey and giving customers granular control over their subscriptions, NachoNacho is set to become the center of the SaaS market in the coming years.


Topics Discussed:

  • How Sanjay Goel’s exciting life experience translates into great business acumen
  • Why well into the age of SaaS, a managed marketplace has taken so long to develop
  • The challenges of buyers and vendors when it comes to finding the right software, and managing what they already have
  • How NachoNacho overcame the ‘chicken & egg’ problem of building a marketplace from scratch
  • Why accessibility and ease of use are critical for an effective marketplace model

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