In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Shane Mac, Co-Founder & President of the crypto-native communication protocol, XMTP, about his career in digital communications, and why he believes that decentralized messaging services are the future of online interaction in the Web3 era. With the explosion of activity in crypto, NFTs and the Web3 in general, XMTP’s activity-first, wallet orientated communication protocol will help connect millions of people conducting transactions with each other in a way which is more streamlined, dynamic and efficient. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why new identities always drive the development of new communication platforms, and why digital communication is such an interesting space to work in
  • Why crypto-native communications are a logical next step for Web3 and how XMTP identified their market
  • The strange situation where information is exchanged and transactions are conducted, but direct communication between users is not possible
  • How to stand out in the blockchain economy, and why not being a financial product helps XMTP stay focused on their mission
  • Why activity-first is the future of digital communications, and how a decentralized platform will bring new benefits for users

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