In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Spike Lipkin, CEO and Co-founder of Newfront, a modern insurance platform that’s raised $310 Million in funding, about why the insurance industry has been so slow to move with the times, and the new generation of insurance solutions delivering better outcomes for their customers. By empowering experts in risk management with the latest digital technologies, Newfront is leading the way in transforming the sector on behalf of their customers.

We also speak about Spike’s background, from growing up in Colorado to finding his way into the insurance industry, his personal experiences confronting mountains of paperwork, why insurance is so central to innovation and progress across almost every field of human endeavor, and how large language models are helping Newfront produce actionable comparisons from huge amounts of industry data.

Topics Discussed:

  • Spike’s background and why he feels fortunate to have found his way into the insurance industry
  • The central role of insurance, and managing risk more generally, in driving innovation across almost every field of human endeavor
  • Spike’s first-hand experience confronting huge amounts of insurance industry paperwork, and why the sector has been so slow to modernize
  • The role of new technology like large language models in redefining the insurance experience, and the importance of actionable comparisons for clients
  • The central focus on broker productivity and transaction rates as metrics of success for Newfront

Favorite book: 

Lloyd’s of London

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