In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Steven Berneman, Co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Title, a title insurance management platform that’s raised over $24 Million in funding, about why he decided to move into an industry most people have never even heard of, initiate a paradigm shift, and secure a lucrative niche for his company. Reducing friction between all interested parties in a land acquisition process, providing clear, up to date information and a secure guarantee of land status, Blueprint Title is disrupting an industry dominated by a 90% oligopoly from just a few massive companies.

We also discussed exactly why title insurance is such an important issue in North America, and how the unique history of this continent separates it from land ownership systems elsewhere. Beginning with a personal experience of how difficult closing a land purchase can be, and reinforced by testimonials from friends, Steven is determined to whip the industry into shape, and make sure that the most important things in our lives can also be the simplest.

Topics Discussed:

  • Steven’s career trajectory, and why he eventually found freedom in an industry that most people forget
  • The history of land ownership in North America, and why it created an entire industry to establish title rites
  • Why land ownership in America still comes with a slew of encumbrances that every buyer should be aware of from the start
  • How just  handful of companies came to dominate 90% of the title insurance industry, and why Blueprint Title wants to change that
  • Why Steven believes that the most important things in life should also be the easiest to deal with, and how Blueprint Title puts accessibility at the center of everything the do
  • How the title insurance industry became so antiquated, and why Steven believes more efficient innovations could potentially cut its value in half

Favorite book: 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

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