In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Steven Greene, CEO and Co-Founder of Nibble Health, about why the future of healthcare financing needs inspiration from the Fintech space, and how a more seamless, integrated financial ecosystem can help ease the monetary burden on tens of millions of Americans who struggle to make their payments.

Steven talks us through the challenges of developing a universally appealing product in this fragmented market space, taking risks for employees, and why anything Fintech needs a lot of preliminary work before taking a product to market. By reducing the financial burden on America’s workforce and helping employers provide the best possible care, Nibble Health’s vision is to see a healthier, more productive workforce for years to come.

Topics Discussed:

  • From finance to Fintech – why Steven always saw himself transitioning into the startup space
  • America’s healthcare crisis, and why everything depends on how people make their payments
  • Why healthcare payments lag behind other industries in terms of integrated payment solutions
  • Why no one has come up with an appealing Fintech solution for healthcare, despite many attempts, and how Nibble Health plans to change that
  • How Nibble Health positions themselves as a Fintech native healthcare company, not just a Fintech company that operates in the health space
  • Why moving for the big market players in the healthcare industry works best after having already reached critical mass
  • Disruption, innovation, and why sometimes it’s better to come into a market with a fresh pair of eyes

Favorite book: 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

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