In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Taj Adhav, CEO of Leasecake, a location management platform that’s raised over $17 Million in funding, about why it’s time the commercial leasing industry got its own version of LinkedIn or Uber, and how Leasecake believes they’ve got what it takes to claim the space. Through empathy and building trust with their clients, Leasecake is able to provide simple, streamlined solutions to some of the sector’s most acute pain points, saving time and money for tenants and property owners alike.

We also speak about how Taj’s early experiences in a commercial tenant household helped make him aware of the stress and strains for tenants, how his family felt about him leaving behind a Fortune 500 career to move into the startup space, why he feels that being a great CEO means you never stop learning, and why he’s convinced that Leasecake are leading the way in creating their own category.

Topics Discussed:

  • Taj’s career in everything from CPA to Disney Cruises, and why he left it behind to move into the startup space
  • The lessons Taj has learned by doing as leader of his own enterprise, and why it’s all about the people
  • The critical problems and pain points in the commercial leasing sector that form Leasecake’s value proposition for their clients
  • Why trust and empathy are critical for a business that people need to put their trust in to make some very big decisions
  • Why Leasecake’s new approach to leasing puts them in a category all of their own
  • How a more simplified solution respects the efforts users go to when carrying out even simple tasks

Favorite book:

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

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