You will have more buzz and excitement around your vision.

FLM’s program helped us dramatically in kick-starting our category creation strategy. Together, we increased awareness around our vision for the future. I rarely hire external agencies but decided to take a risk on them and I’m glad I did! Sebastiaan van der Lans Founder & CEO of WordProof

You will have a powerful and clear brand narrative.

We’ve worked with FLM since late 2019 and their program has helped us define, articulate, and spread a compelling narrative around our vision for the new market category we are creating. Bobby Marhamat Founder and CEO of Raydiant

You will be positioned as a subject-matter expert.

Over the past three years of working with Front Lines Media, their program has helped establish our brand as go-to experts in the crowded field of cybersecurity. Journalists regularly cover our original research now and come to us for our comments and insights on real-time events happening in our space. Michael Browning Head of Global… Continue reading You will be positioned as a subject-matter expert.

You will have more trust and credibility.

Like all startups, we struggled with credibility in the early days since no one knew who we were. Front Lines Media program helped us build our credibility by positioning us as an industry advocate. We’ve worked with them now for nearly 8 years. Marco Streng Genesis Mining, CEO & Founder

You will have more brand awareness.

Getting exposure to the right people is a challenge for all founders. FLM’s program helped get our name and message in front of the right customers, partners, investors, and journalists. Vern Horward Founder & CEO of Hallo