In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Tom “TJ” Jermoluk, CEO of Beyond Identity, a passwordless authentication platform that’s raised over $200 Million in funding, about why it’s time to address the fundamental flaw in the way we’ve all been running our security. We all know that sharing passwords is a no-no, but it’s built into the alphanumeric system on which our traditional security systems have been based for decades. By combining identity management and security infrastructure, Beyond Identity are carving out a new market category, and successfully bringing investors and clients along for the ride.

We also spoke about TJ’s legacy in Silicon Valley and the companies which helped to make him a legend there, why it’s such a uniquely great place for starting a startup, and how it’s changed over the decades. Leading the way in a new market space means confronting a whole host of unique challenges, foremost among which is educating your market about exactly why what you’re offering is something they need, and how it’s going to change their whole world.

Topics Discussed:

  • TJ’s time in Silicon Valley, and why a unique combination of innovation and investment means its still a uniquely special place to do business
  • Why most existing security solutions are just a ‘band aid on a gaping wound,’ and how Beyond Identity is taking a totally different approach
  • How seamless, password-free authentication can save a business time and money in the medium-long term
  • How the .com crash changed the silicon valley ecosystem, and why some of the strongest companies emerged on the other side
  • Why selling a unique vision to your customers might mean selling what seems impossible, and making it worth their money to support
  • How Beyond Identity carved out a new market category by combining identity and security as twin priorities

Favorite book: 

The Soul of A New Machine

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