Tom Trowbridge, co-founder of Fluence Labs: $9 Million Raised to Build the Future of P2P Computing

Tom Trowbridge is the co-founder of Fluence Labs, a Web 3 native computing platform that’s raised over 9 million in funding. Web 3 is one of our only chances to not live in a dystopian world controlled by heavily centralized organizations and Tom shares how this important technology will play a significant role in a decentralized future. 

Topics discussed:

  • More about Tom and his background 
  • What caught Tom’s attention about the blockchain 
  • Response he received from the asset-management field when he started working on the blockchain 
  • About Fluence Labs and the problem they solve 
  • The current and future user profile of Fluence Labs
  • Top misconceptions about peer-to-peer computing 
  • The mission that drives Tom every day building Fluence Labs 
  • The future of Fluence Labs and peer-to-peer computing 

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