Tommy Dang is the Co-founder & CEO of Mage, an open-source tool for building and deploying data pipelines. Mage helps data engineers synchronize data from 3rd party sources, build real-time and batch pipelines to transform data, and orchestrate thousands of pipelines without losing sleep.

Topics Discussed:

  • Tommy’s career journey in tech, and the core values he learned from working at Airbnb as a software engineer
  • The mindset that guided Tommy in creating Mage and how this mental framework helped him efficiently utilize his energy and mind share 
  • Mage’s origin story and how it helps developers solve data processing challenges
  • Product features and core design principles that differentiates Mage from other developer tools 
  • The positioning strategy that’s helping Mage gain market traction 
  • Why Mage focuses primarily on data integration and data pipelines
  • Mage’s approach in marketing to developers and company decision makers 
  • Why Tommy and his team decided to keep Mage as an open source tool, and future plans for monetization
  • The biggest go-to-market challenge the Mage team has had to overcome,  and it’s vision for the next three years

Favorite book: 

Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

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