In today’s episode of Unicorn Builders, we speak with Tony Jamous, CEO of Oyster, about how remote working is bringing the world together, building new opportunities and making a dent in one of our greatest collective challenges – global inequality. Oyster’s seamless, red-tape-free solution for any company to hire anyone, anywhere, is more than just a revenue stream, it’s a mission-based company determined to lead the way toward a better future of work for us all.

We spoke about Oyster’s extraordinary funding success, the impact of the pandemic and the importance of timing, and how personal experiences building a global company led him to appreciate the challenge of hiring across borders. A self-proclaimed ‘future of work activist,’ Tony wants to see a world where barriers and borders to productivity are eliminated, allowing people to optimize their skills in their communities and end the cycle of brain drain afflicting much of the world.

 Topics Discussed:

  • The future of a truly global economy, and why bureaucracy hurts us all, in the long run,
  • How Tony became a ‘future of work activist’ and what it means to run a mission-based company
  • Why global talent can become the basis of a global community, and why borders build inequality into our society
  • The importance of like-minded investors, and why a mission is everything when founding a company to drive real change
  • Why learning and leadership go hand in hand, and why every first-time founder needs a good coach
  • Target market resonance and the challenge of positioning a revolutionary company in a saturated market
  • Why global work will soon become ‘future work,’ and how Oyster is positioning itself to get ahead of the curve

Favorite book:   Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box

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