At the base of our thought leadership machine is byline content, which we refer to as Founder and Executive Insights.

In this post, we’ll explain what that is, what the benefits are, and how to execute on a byline content campaign.

Based on our work with 160+ clients over the past four years, these are the most common questions we are asked about byline content.

What is byline content?

The concept of byline content is called many different things depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re in SEO, you probably call it guest blogging. If you’re in politics, you probably call it an op-ed. Regardless of what you want to call it, it all really means the same thing.

It’s content that’s published under your name on a platform that you don’t control.

What are the benefits of byline content?

  1. Builds momentum almost immediately  
  2. Establishes relationships with key outlets and editors
  3. Opportunity to test your message  
  4. Consistently getting in front of your target audience
  5. Establishing your voice
  6. More controllable than traditional media outreach

How do I find byline content opportunities?

The majority of websites today have some form of guest content offering. You can find them by searching in the navbar for pages like:

  • Contribute/Contributors
  • Op-eds
  • Article submission
  • Submit a guest post

If you can’t find anything listed, look at the contacts section and find the editor’s contact information. Reach out and ask if they accept bylines and what guidelines they have.

Where do people go wrong with byline content?

  1. Creating content too focused on themselves.
  2. Not having unique insights.
  3. Not following the process the outlets ask you to follow.
  4. Not having content that aligns with your overall goals.
  5. Aiming too high for major outlets without having any credibility.  

How much byline content should I publish?

We recommend aiming for a target frequency of at least one post per week. Building this machine can take time, but if you follow a process to create your content at scale, publishing one post per week is entirely possible.


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