In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Virginia Klausmeier, CEO and Founder of Sylvatex, a renewable nanochemistry platform that’s raised more than $15 Million in funding, about the critical balance that’s needed in the manufacturing industry to ensure the green energy transition is as efficient and environmentally sound as possible. Working with advanced materials with a laser focus on highly strategic components and technical solutions, Sylvatex are bring a new level of innovation to the critically important production of electric vehicle batteries.

We also speak about Virginia’s experiences growing up in Asia, how it revealed the differences about how people live all over the world, how she founder her way into the clean energy space, the interdisciplinary nature of this critical emerging sector, and why scaled-up production of a few critical components is so central to delivering a more sustainable future for us all.

Topics Discussed:

  • Growing up in asia and Virginia’s unique insights into the diversity and difference which makes us what we are
  • Virginia’s inspirational father, and what admiration for her family gave her in terms of motivation to make a big change
  • Challenges and innovation in the sustainable energy sector, and why electric vehicle batteries are at the centre of a green transition
  • The manufacturing bottleneck standing in the way of a real sustainable transition, and how Sylvatex’ advanced materials can provide the solution
  • Scaling a sustainable solution, and the growth prospects for the green economy moving forward.

Favorite book: 

The Alchemist

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