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Are you building a category-defining B2B Company?

In 2013 we founded a startup working in something that few had heard of at the time — Bitcoin. We hired a PR firm to help us break through the noise and get our story out there.

They didn’t deliver (despite taking our $20,000). So we took matters into our own hands. Instead of trying to get the media talking about “how amazing” we were — like our PR firm did, we took a different approach.

Here’s what we did to help ourselves break through the noise...

How we work

Step 1:

Book a strategy call.

We begin with a quick 30-minute call to understand where you are now, where you want to be three to six months from now, and what you want to be known for.

Step 2:

We’ll design your custom program.

If we think we can help you get there, we’ll invest the time before we ever start working together to come up with ideas and build you a custom thought leadership strategy.

Step 3:

Execute (With or Without us).

If you want to work with us to execute that strategy, great, let’s do it. If not, no worries. At least you now have ideas and a strategy that you can execute on your own.