Here are 9 reasons why:


Learn more about your customers: you need to get as close to your target customers as possible. Every episode you host a chance to learn more about your target customers and market.


Drive revenue and create sales opportunities: every guest you bring on is a potential customer, partner, or advocate for what you do. Most founders can close deals once they get someone “in the room”. The challenge is getting that first meeting. Podcasts get you in the door.


Increases awareness: Every startup struggles with name recognition and awareness. With all the noise, it’s only getting harder. Podcasts are a way to rise above all the noise and get in front of your target customers with high quality content.


Build your founder brand: Customers don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people. Podcasts provide the ultimate channel to develop your founder brand, putting a face behind your company.


Establish thought leadership: Position yourself as an industry expert by associating your name with your target customers' peers and people they admire and look up to.


Build your own audience: Let your competitors waste their money renting access to someone else’s audience. Podcasts give you a platform to build your an audience which you own and can communicate directly with them, free from gatekeepers.


Celebrate your customers: podcasts are another channel to shine the spotlight on your customers. Instead of yet-another-case study, have a conversation with them to celebrate their work and show future customers the value you bring.


Power your content strategy: Every founder knows content is important, the trouble is finding the time and resources to consistently create high quality content. podcasts are the ultimate content flywheel. One episode is turned into social media content, video content, blog content, and more.


Open doors and build relationships: get in front of people who matter most to your mission with a unique pitch: to come on your show. This strokes their ego (come on, we all have one). This is the ultimate entry point to a relationship: co-creating a piece of content together you are both proud of.

Build your target customers' go-to podcast. … Before your competitors do.