In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with William Sankey, CEO and Head of Product, Co-Founder of Northspyre, a proactive intelligence platform that’s raised over $32 Million in funding, about why making the right decisions about complex urban environments means working with massive amounts of data, and how automation can be a game changer for this massive economic sector. Letting their clients leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver building and construction projects in a more predictable, repeatable and generally easier way, Northspyre is helping build better cities for everyone.

We also spoke about William’s lifelong fascination with the urban environment and why he loves to learn about how cities work, his personal experiences with the real estate industry’s most salient pain points, what it was like coming from an entrepreneurial family and why the real estate sector remains at the tail end of technological innovation.

Topics Discussed:

  • William’s lifelong fascination with the urban environment, and why he always wanted to build better cities
  • The current state of data analytics in the real estate sector, and why it’s real estate developers who are most often on the front lines of executing the development of cities and spaces
  • Why most developers spend 30-50% of their time doing low value administrative work, and how Northspyre plans to change all that
  • Why the real estate sector has lagged behind when it comes to the implementation of technological solutions
  • How Northspyre’s staff’s real-world experiences in the real estate sector help them develop relevant strategy for industry disruption
  • How William’s entrepreneurial family opened his eyes about how things got built and the role business can play

Favorite book: 

The Cold Start Problem: How to Start and Scale Network Effects

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