Ep 1: Zaedo Musa, CEO of Superb: $14 Million Raised to Build the Guest Experience Management Category For Restaurants

In today’s episode, we speak with Zaedo Musa, CEO and founder of Superb — a guest experience management platform that’s raised over €13 million in funding.

Topics we cover: 

  • Understanding the restaurant technology landscape which is mostly dominated by marketplaces or discovery platforms that drive traffic but have forgotten about the back office of the restaurant.
  • Why Suberb is focused on independent restaurants and how much traction the company has gained since launching in 2017
  • How Suberb’s end to end platform works and the value it brings to restaurants and guests.
  • Why Suberb decided to launch its own category — Guest Experience Management (GXM) and how the company overcame doubters and obstacles along the way.
  • What the future of guest experiences look like and the role Superb will play in shaping this future

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