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Welcome to Marketing From the Front Lines, where we have unfiltered conversations with the B2B marketers who are bringing innovative technology to market. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Jukka Knuutinen, Head of Marketing at Quanscient, a simulation technology company that’s raised $5 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Simulation Technology Explained: Quanscient offers a cloud-based simulation platform that dramatically speeds up the testing process for engineers, transforming weeks of waiting into mere hours or minutes.
  • Marketing Philosophy: Central to Quanscient’s approach is making potential clients aware of their problems, presenting Quanscient’s solution, and establishing the company’s trustworthiness — a straightforward yet effective strategy in the B2B tech space.
  • Engaging Video Content: Quanscient differentiates itself with humorous and relatable ad videos that address common frustrations engineers face, making complex simulation software more accessible and appealing.
  • Leadership Team’s Unique Approach: The company’s leadership, including the CEO and chief scientist, actively participate in marketing efforts, demonstrating a progressive and team-oriented company culture.
  • The Future of Marketing at Quanscient: Looking ahead, Jukka is excited about doubling down on webinars, trade shows, and founder-led marketing to establish thought leadership and deepen customer relationships.



Leverage Social Media Creatively:

Jukka's initial success on TikTok, despite its eventual closure due to privacy concerns, underscores the potential of social media to build personal brand and gain marketing insights. B2B founders can explore creative content on platforms where their audience might not be traditionally active but can still be reached effectively.

Focus on Problem Awareness:

One of Quanscient's key strategies is making potential clients aware of their existing problems and presenting their product as a solution. This approach is crucial for B2B tech founders, especially when introducing innovative solutions to long-standing industry issues.

Utilize Humor in B2B Marketing:

Quanscient's engaging and humorous ad videos showcase that B2B marketing doesn't have to be dry or overly formal. Incorporating humor and relatable content can differentiate your brand and make complex products more understandable and appealing.

Embrace Founder-Led Marketing:

The involvement of Quanscient's CEO and chief scientist in marketing efforts highlights the power of founder-led storytelling and thought leadership. This approach can build authenticity, trust, and a personal connection with potential clients.

Start with a Blank Slate:

When approaching marketing for a B2B startup, Jukka advises to start with a blank slate, focusing on the fundamentals of identifying the target audience, their problems, and how your product serves as a solution. Avoid getting stuck in preconceived notions or strategies that may not apply to your unique situation.