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Launch your podcast in 45 days.

Don’t have time? We get it. The other 50+ early-stage founders we’ve launched podcasts for had no time either. That’s why we’ve designed our service to be as streamlined as possible. On average, each episode takes you just 1 hour in total: 20 minutes for prep, 30 minutes for the interview, 10 minutes to chat with the guest and begin building a relationship with them. We handle the rest.

What you do

Prep for the interview 20 Min
Host the interview 30 Min
Build a relationship with the guest 10 Min
Total time for you 1 Hour per episode

What we do

Identify guests
Guest outreach
Develop guest questions
Develop episode themes
Develop guest questions
Distribute episodes
Write content for the episode
Visual collateral for the episode
Produce episode videos
Produce episode audio

How It Works: 45-Day Launch Plan

Step 1:

Develop your strategy:.

Create show concept, visual branding, topics, target guest lists, etc.

  Step 2:

Produce four episodes:

Launch outreach to the guests, get them scheduled, you record your conversation, we produce audio, and create written, visual, and video content for the episode.

Step 3:

Launch your show:

With 4 episodes “in the bank”, we launch the podcast with a new episode every two weeks. From there, we consistently publish episodes and build your audience.


Examples of Shows We've Launched For B2B Tech Brands

Our Philosophy

For nearly a decade we’ve been deep in the trenches on the front lines with early-stage founders across nearly every industry, working alongside them as they bring their ideas to market. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve had many wins and many failures. And we’ve had the opportunity to experiment, optimize, and improve our approach each and every time.

Principles That Define Our Approach

Principle 1:
You must build your own audience and community. You cannot rely on gatekeepers to give or sell you access to theirs.
Principle 2:
You must tell a story that articulates to your customers that change is coming and they must adapt in order to survive and thrive.
Principle 3:
You must position yourself as a guide who can help your customers (the hero) succeed. You are not the hero of the story.
Principle 4:
You must champion and advocate for your customers. Turn them into superheroes.
Principle 5:
You must market a movement and way of doing things. You cannot market a product based on features and capabilities.
Principle 6:
You must blanket the internet with high-value content of all types to capture the search demand of customers.


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