Can we give you $5,000?

We pay our referral partners $5,000 for every company they send our way that becomes a client and stays for at least 6 months. Prefer to donate that $5,000 to a charity of your choice? No problem. Happy to do that too.

Over the years we’ve paid out over $250,000 to our referral partners. There’s nothing we love more than sending out these types of checks!

We are very specific when it comes to who we work with so here’s a simple checklist to consider before sending us a referral:

Who is a good client for us:

  • They are a technology company.
  • They have a trust and awareness problem.
  • They are B2B with a high customer value.
  • They have an exciting vision for the future.
  • They have raised at least $2,000,000 in VC funding.
How our referral program works
We’ll do a quick 15 minute call with you to learn about the referral.
Step 01
If it sounds like a fit, you’ll introduce us.
Step 02
We’ll meet with the referral.
Step 03
If they ever become a client, we’ll send you $5,000.
Step 04