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Every startup has a trust and awareness problem. Thought leadership is the solution.

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You have the expertise and insights but no time to share them. We turn your expertise into content, then get that content in front of your ICP.


Cut through the noise by leading the conversation with your original data and insights. We handle everything: questionnaire design, respondent recruitment, content production, and amplification.


Every B2B tech startup has a trust and awareness problem. The right buyers don’t know they exist. And those that do don’t trust their solution can solve their problems better than the status quo.

Most try to overcome these problems by running the same playbook: They crank out press releases riddled with corporate-speak, spam journalists with product news and unsolicited commentary, and humble brag about the awards they’ve won (which everyone knows are pay to play). This playbook works for big companies. It rarely does for startups. There’s simply too much noise. Everyone is running this playbook. 

The most effective way for a B2B startup to solve these mission critical problems is by executing a thought leadership strategy that establishes the founder as a leading industry advisor, evangelist, and trusted source of information, insights, and original thinking. This is done by consistently creating engaging top of funnel content to attract an audience then earning their audience’s trust by consistently adding value and ensuring that when they are ready to buy, you are top of mind. 

For B2B startups with aspirations to become a category-defining company — this is the playbook to execute on.

Front Lines Media Network

We believe every B2B company should create content like a media company. We practice what we preach and have embraced this approach ourselves. We produce 20+ original content series with a mission of serving our niche audience of B2B tech builders.

Interviews with VC-backed Enterprise B2B founders.

Interview with leading VCs and angel investors.

Interviews with founders who've built companies worth $1B+

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GTM lessons from the world's most successful B2B founders

Barr Moses

CEO & Co-founder of Monte Carlo

Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO of Monte Carlo: the Story of Monte Carlo ($1.6B Valuation)

Marcelo Lebre

Co-founder & COO of Remote

$500 Million Raised to Power the Distributed Workforce of the Future

Michael Witte

CEO & Co-founder of Bloomreach

Mike Witte: the Story of Workrise ($3 Billion Valuation)

Ajay Kulkarni

CEO of Timescale

Ajay Kulkarni: the Story of Timescale ($1+ Billion)

Henrique Dubugras

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Brex

Henrique Dubugras: the Story of Brex ($12 Billion+ Valuation)

Justin Borgman

CEO and Co-Founder of Starburst

Justin Borgman: the Story of Starburst ($3+ Billion Valuation)

Gary Hoberman

CEO & Founder of Unqork

Gary Hoberman: the Story of Unqork ($2+ Billion Valuation)

Raj De Datta

CEO & Co-founder of Bloomreach

Raj De Datta: the Story of Bloomreach ($2.2 Billion Valuation)

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