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Bryan Law is the Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo, the go-to-market platform that has transformed the way businesses approach market engagement and strategy. Before his tenure at ZoomInfo, Bryan’s career spanned a variety of roles where he focused on merging strategic planning with actionable data insights to drive growth. His extensive background in consulting emphasized go-to-market strategies, analytics, and the integration of marketing processes to maximize organizational efficiency. This experience paved the way for his success at ZoomInfo, where he plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s marketing direction. In our conversation, we discuss:

  • The evolution of ZoomInfo from a B2B contact database to a leading sales intelligence platform, emphasizing B2B data, including contact databases, company information, intent data, and technographics.
  • The decision-making process behind formally transitioning ZoomInfo’s category to a go-to-market platform, informed by extensive market research and feedback from sales and marketing leaders.
  • The crucial role of thought leadership in category creation efforts, leveraging insights from ZoomInfo Labs and partnering with major customers to refine and share innovative go-to-market strategies.
  • The significance of founder-led growth, highlighting ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck’s active engagement in promoting the company and its new category through authentic interactions and thought leadership.


Takeaway #1: The Challenge of Category Creation

Creating a new market category is an intensive endeavor that demands a deep understanding of the market's needs, ensuring your product perfectly meets these requirements, and crafting strategies to effectively communicate this new category to the wider market.

Takeaway #2: Strategic Alignment of Sales and Marketing

For a go-to-market strategy to succeed, aligning sales and marketing efforts is critical. This strategy centers around the integration of data and insights to drive coordinated and efficient actions across both departments.

Takeaway #3: The Power of Thought Leadership and Founder Advocacy

Establishing credibility and leading the market towards new categories heavily rely on thought leadership and the active advocacy by the company's founders. These elements are crucial in shaping market perceptions and fostering acceptance of new concepts.

Takeaway #4: Evolving Go-to-Market Strategies with AI

As we look to the future, the role of deeper data integration becomes increasingly central, utilizing insights for strategic decision-making across sales and marketing. Furthermore, the incorporation of AI technologies promises to revolutionize these processes, enhancing automation and efficiency.

Takeaway #5: Commitment to Customer Success

A foundational element of successful category creation and go-to-market strategy is a deep commitment to customer success. This involves not only understanding and meeting customer needs but also anticipating future challenges and opportunities to deliver unparalleled value.

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