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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries, the show that explores the future of tech with innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Gabe Sibley, CEO and Founder of Verdant Robotics, an autonomous agriculture company that has raised $48 million in funding.

  • Gabe’s two-and-a-half-decade journey in mobile autonomous robotics, from studying at Emory and USC to co-founding companies like Zoox and and eventually starting Verdant Robotics with co-founder Curtis Garner.
  • The challenges of building physically instantiated robotics technologies compared to purely digital AI solutions, and the importance of understanding and accepting the risks associated with deploying new technologies.
  • The need for agriculture to do more with less in the face of increasing global food demand and declining labor availability, and the potential for robotics to deliver 100x improvements in cost-effectiveness.
  • Verdant Robotics’ smart sprayer with “Bullseye” technology, which uses computer vision and machine learning to precisely deliver inputs like fertilizer and herbicide where they’re needed most.
  • The potential for systematic digitization and proactive search for better growing policies enabled by high-resolution sensor data and actuator control, transforming agriculture in the same way that other industries have been transformed by computation.
  • The importance of deeply understanding customer needs and involving a co-founder with domain expertise and respect within the target market.
  • The shift from a service-based model to a product sales model based on customer demand, and the need to adapt messaging and positioning accordingly.
  • The alignment of interests between founders, investors, and board members in building an impactful and successful company, and the value of working with people you genuinely like.
  • Gabe’s vision for Verdant Robotics to become an iconic robotics technology company that enables sustainable farming for as much of humanity as possible.


Seek Out Customer Feedback Early and Often:

Gabe and his co-founder spent the first six months of the business on the road, listening to growers and engaging in a two-way dialogue to understand their needs and imagine what was technically possible. This early customer discovery was crucial in identifying defensible and valuable opportunities.

Bring on a Co-Founder with Domain Expertise:

Gabe emphasizes the importance of going into business with someone who knows the target market deeply and is respected within it. His co-founder Curtis, a farmer himself, was instrumental in connecting Gabe with the right people and ensuring the company was addressing real customer needs.

Be Open to Pivoting Your Business Model:

While Verdant Robotics initially planned to offer its technology as a service, they quickly pivoted to a product sales model when customers expressed a clear preference for buying the equipment outright. Being responsive to customer demands and willing to adapt your approach can accelerate your path to market.

Align with Investors Who Share Your Vision:

Gabe stresses the value of working with investors and board members who are deeply aligned with your mission and can help you succeed through their connections and relationships. Rather than viewing these stakeholders as adversaries, recognize the alignment of interests and seek out people you genuinely enjoy working with.

Embrace the Potential for Transformative Impact:

Verdant Robotics is driven by the vision of enabling sustainable farming at scale, with benefits for farmers, consumers, and the environment. By focusing on the potential for 100x improvements in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the company is positioned to have a transformative impact on one of the world's most important industries.

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