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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Craig Rupp, founder CEO at Sabanto, an agtech company that’s raised over $22 million in funding. Sabanto is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by automating farming operations, addressing the labor shortages with technology that turns conventional tractors into autonomous vehicles.

  • Unique Founder Background: Craig combines his upbringing on a farm, his electrical engineering expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to innovate in the agricultural sector, leading to the foundation of Sabanto.
  • Journey to Entrepreneurship: Despite initially having no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, Craig’s career trajectory changed from a long-term Motorola engineer to a serial entrepreneur, illustrating the unpredictability and opportunities in tech innovation.
  • Sabanto’s Origin and Mission: Motivated by the challenge of labor shortages in agriculture, Craig founded Sabanto to bring autonomy to farming, leveraging his background in engineering and agriculture to address this pressing issue.
  • Autonomy System Development: Sabanto’s approach involves retrofitting existing tractors with autonomous technology, showcasing an installation process that’s efficient and transformative for agricultural practices.
  • Adoption and Impact: Highlighting strong adoption among farmers, particularly in the organic farming sector, Sabanto’s technology is making it feasible for farmers to manage more with less, potentially changing the economics and labor dynamics of farming.
  • Vision for the Future of Farming: Craig discusses the aging farmer demographic and the implications for the future of farming, emphasizing the need for innovation like Sabanto’s to sustain and evolve the industry.


Adaptability Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success:

Craig's transition from an engineer with no entrepreneurial ambitions to a successful founder highlights the importance of adaptability. Founders should remain open to new opportunities and be willing to pivot their career paths based on evolving market needs.

Solve Real Industry Pain Points:

Sabanto addresses the critical issue of labor shortages in agriculture by introducing autonomous technology. This focus on solving a tangible, pressing problem is crucial for B2B founders. Identifying and addressing real pain points within an industry can drive adoption and ensure the relevance of your solution.

Productization and Market Fit:

The journey of Sabanto from concept to productization—developing an autonomy kit for tractors—underscores the importance of translating technical solutions into market-ready products. Founders should focus on how their innovations can be productized for easy adoption and scalability within their target market.

Community and Culture Impact:

Craig's emphasis on creating an open platform for agricultural innovation reflects the power of building a community around your product. Encouraging collaboration and contributions can enhance product value and foster a culture of innovation. This approach can be particularly effective in industries that have traditionally been closed or proprietary.

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