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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Patrick Henry, Co-Founder and CEO of GroGuru, a revolutionary water management solution that has raised over $6 Million in funding. 

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Patrick’s Entrepreneurial Journey: A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful startups, Patrick shares his transition from working in Silicon Valley to founding GroGuru, highlighting his passion for impactful technology that addresses critical global challenges like water management.
  • Challenges of Starting Up During 9/11: Patrick recounts the tough experience of leading a startup during the 9/11 crisis, offering insights into navigating external challenges that are beyond an entrepreneur’s control.
  • IPO Experience: Reflecting on taking a company public, Patrick emphasizes that an IPO is more of an exit for investors than for founders and discusses the complexities and challenges of running a public company.
  • Learning from Acquisitions: With multiple acquisitions under his belt, Patrick advises that most acquisitions don’t meet expectations and stresses the importance of cultural fit and strategic alignment.
  • GroGuru’s Mission and Differentiators: Patrick explains GroGuru’s mission to make commercial farming more profitable and sustainable through innovative water management technology, including a unique soil sensor system and AI-driven recommendations for farmers.
  • Advice for Entrepreneurs Targeting AgTech: Patrick offers candid advice to founders considering starting a company, highlighting the importance of belief in one’s mission, market potential, timing, competitive advantage, and team building.



Leverage Diverse Experiences for Innovation:

Patrick’s transition from tech to AgTech underscores the value of applying cross-industry experience to solve global challenges like sustainable agriculture. Founders should explore how their unique skills and backgrounds can address pressing issues.

Build Resilience and Adaptability:

The story of navigating startup challenges during external crises like 9/11 illustrates the necessity of being prepared for unforeseen events. Develop strategies that allow your business to remain flexible and resilient in the face of such challenges.

Understand the Implications of an IPO:

Patrick’s insights into the complexities of going public serve as a valuable lesson for founders considering this path. It’s crucial to understand that an IPO represents a significant shift in company dynamics and founder responsibilities.

Prioritize Cultural Fit in Acquisitions:

Patrick’s experiences with acquisitions highlight the importance of ensuring cultural and strategic alignment. Small, strategic acquisitions can enhance your company's capabilities without diluting its core mission or culture.

Emphasize Ease of Use and Trust in Product Development:

In markets like AgTech, where technology adoption can be challenging, focusing on building reliable, user-friendly solutions is key. Establishing trust through a network of trusted advisors can significantly enhance technology uptake among target users.

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