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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from the tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Vincenz Klemm, CEO and co-founder of Baobab, a cyber insurance startup that has raised more than $4 million in pre-seed funding.

  • From Gabi to Baobab: After founding Gabby, an online insurance broker in the Bay Area, and its subsequent sale for $320 million, Vincenz returned to Europe to start Baobab, focusing on cyber insurance for businesses.
  • Cyber Insurance’s Critical Role: Baobab addresses the increasing threat of cyber attacks on companies, offering not just insurance but also crisis management and preventive measures against such attacks.
  • Baobab’s Educational Mission: Beyond offering insurance, Baobab aims to educate the market on cyber threats and risk management, enhancing the overall resilience of businesses against cyber attacks.
  • The Importance of Cyber Risk Management: Vincenz emphasizes the need for companies to understand and mitigate cyber risks, a service Baobab uniquely provides through its insurance solutions.
  • Broker-Driven Go-to-Market Strategy: Baobab leverages insurance brokers across Europe to reach its target market, providing them with the tools and knowledge to competently advise on cyber risk.
  • The Future of Cyber Insurance: Vincenz envisions Baobab becoming the market leader for SME cyber insurance in Europe, emphasizing the importance of data-driven risk models for more accurate and effective coverage.


Identify Underserved Market Needs:

Recognizing the underestimated threat of cyber attacks on businesses, Baobab addresses the need for comprehensive cyber insurance. This demonstrates the value of creating solutions for critical, underserved market needs.

Incorporate Comprehensive Services Beyond Core Offerings:

Offering more than just insurance, Baobab provides crisis management and prevention measures. This approach of adding value beyond the core product can differentiate a startup in a competitive market.

Utilize Strategic Go-to-Market Channels:

Baobab's strategy to reach SMBs through insurance brokers highlights the effectiveness of leveraging existing industry channels for distribution, especially in regulated sectors.

Focus on Specialization and Expertise:

By specializing in cyber insurance and prioritizing cybersecurity expertise, Baobab aims to lead in its market. Specialization can be a key differentiator, especially in industries where deep technical knowledge is essential.

Plan for Scalability Across Markets:

While starting in a familiar market, Baobab's strategy to expand across Europe, despite regulatory and language barriers, showcases the importance of planning for scalability and localization in your expansion strategy.

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