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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries, the show that explores the future of tech with innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Alex Kouts, CEO and Co-Founder of Indigov, a constituent relations platform that has raised over $38 million in funding.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Alex’s journey from building and scaling tech startups to falling out of love with the “value creation rationalization” mentality in the Bay Area and seeking to apply his skills to a meaningful problem
  • The realization that technology, while not inherently good or bad, could be used as an “engine of convenience” to help rebuild the user experience of government and support democracy
  • The founding of Indigov to create a true constituent management system, enabling government offices to efficiently triage, organize, and respond to incoming messages across various channels
  • The challenges of raising venture capital for a category-defining GovTech company, navigating investor skepticism, and the importance of finding mission-aligned partners
  • The complex sales process of selling to Congress and large bureaucratic organizations, emphasizing top-down approaches, de-risking strategies, and the creation of “zones of innovation”
  • Indigov’s traction, serving thousands of elected representatives and government employees across 44 states, ingesting billions of data points, and driving triple-digit year-over-year growth
  • The vision of expanding to other countries to further the global pursuit of democracy, while remaining focused on the vast untapped potential within the US market
  • The definition of the “operating system for representative democracy” category, encompassing constituent communication, service delivery, and the upstream and downstream processes required for issue resolution
  • Tactical advice for category-creating founders, including crafting relatable metaphors, seeking out mission-aligned investors, leveraging customer validation, and understanding the venture capital landscape
  • The five-year vision of becoming the “Bloomberg terminal” for elected representatives, driving meaningful improvements in the functioning and user experience of democracy


Identify Meaningful Problems to Solve:

Look beyond the hype and "value creation rationalization" to find problems that truly matter to you and society at large. Apply your skills and expertise to develop solutions that can drive positive change.

Craft Relatable Metaphors for Category Creation:

When pioneering a new category, develop clear, relatable metaphors that quickly convey the value proposition and market potential to investors and stakeholders who may not have deep domain expertise.

Seek Out Mission-Aligned Investors:

Focus on finding investors who share your vision and values, rather than trying to convince skeptics. Leverage the networks of early believers to expand your reach and build momentum.

Navigate Complex Sales Cycles with Strategy:

When selling to large bureaucratic organizations, adopt a top-down approach, create "zones of innovation" to manage risk, and invest in building relationships and credibility with key decision-makers.

Stay True to Your Mission:

Define success not just by financial metrics, but by the real-world impact your company creates. Let your mission guide your decision-making and keep you motivated through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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