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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Shane Bigelow, CEO of Champ Titles, a digital title management platform that’s raised over $31 million in funding. Champ Titles is revolutionizing the way vehicle titles are managed, streamlining processes for governments, dealers, insurance carriers, and fleet operators.

  • Shane’s Background and Motivation: Shane shares his journey from founding his first company in the automotive lending space to Wall Street, and how those experiences shaped his vision for Champ Titles.
  • Inspiration from Richard Branson: Shane admires Richard Branson for his passion-driven approach to business, suggesting that fun, fulfillment, and creating value for others can coexist in entrepreneurship.
  • The Impact of “The Monk and the Riddle”: Shane highlights how Randy Komisar’s book influenced his perspective on finding fulfillment while building something meaningful, emphasizing the importance of aligning personal values with business goals.
  • The Origin Story of Champ Titles: The idea for Champ Titles emerged from Shane’s and his co-founder’s experiences in automotive retail and lending, aiming to address inefficiencies in vehicle titling and registration through innovative technology.
  • Serving the Entire Vehicle Title Ecosystem: Champ Titles aims to serve all stakeholders in the vehicle title ecosystem by enabling digital, efficient, and transparent processes, positioning itself as a B2G2C company focused on improving the constituent experience.
  • Future Vision for Champ Titles: Shane outlines the future trajectory for Champ Titles, including achieving profitability, expanding digital titling adoption across the US, and the potential emergence of competitors inspired by Champ Titles’ innovative model.


Embrace Regulatory and Technological Challenges as Opportunities:

For B2B tech founders, navigating complex regulatory environments or outdated industry practices presents a unique opportunity. Shane's approach to transforming vehicle titling through Champ Titles underscores the potential for tech solutions to streamline bureaucratic processes, making this a critical consideration for startups in regulated sectors.

Leverage Strategic Partnerships for Market Entry and Expansion:

The collaboration between Champ Titles and state governments demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in overcoming market barriers and scaling solutions. Founders should identify and pursue partnerships that can accelerate the adoption of their innovations, especially in industries with high entry thresholds.

Prioritize User Experience in B2G Solutions:

Champ Titles' focus on improving the constituent experience highlights the importance of user-centric design, even in B2G (business-to-government) solutions. For founders developing platforms that serve public sector stakeholders, simplifying processes and enhancing user experience can be a significant differentiator.

Adopt a Phased Approach to Product Deployment and Adoption:

Implementing a "land and expand" strategy, as Shane describes, allows for gradual introduction of complex solutions, facilitating user adoption and operational integration. Startups should consider phased rollouts to manage risk and build momentum.

Drive Innovation with a Long-Term Vision for Industry Transformation:

Shane's vision for Champ Titles extends beyond immediate business success to redefining digital asset management globally. Founders should articulate a long-term vision that not only addresses current market needs but also sets the stage for future industry transformation.

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