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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from the tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Daniel Turner, CEO of TRAXyL, an optical fiber installation company that has raised over $5 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Background Inspiration: Daniel’s transition from working in the intelligence community to founding TRAXyL highlights the unique path that led him to innovate in the fiber optics space. His desire to serve and think outside the box post-9/11 shifted his career trajectory from aspiring video game developer to technology entrepreneur.
  • Origin of TRAXyL: The company was born out of a personal need — Daniel’s father’s inability to get high-speed internet in Warrington, Virginia, despite its proximity to the internet’s “center of the universe” in Ashburn. This challenge sparked the innovative idea to “paint” fiber optics on roads.
  • Innovative Approach: TRAXyL disrupts traditional fiber optic installation by proposing a method that minimizes disruption and cost by applying fiber directly onto pavement surfaces, leveraging existing road networks to extend internet access quickly.
  • Overcoming Skepticism: Addressing initial criticism head-on, TRAXyL used feedback to refine their product and approach, gradually convincing the industry of their method’s viability as a complement to existing installation techniques.
  • The Role of Government and Military Contracts: Daniel highlights the significance of government and military contracts in TRAXyL’s early stages, providing the necessary funding and validation to de-risk the technology for broader commercial applications.
  • Vision for the Future: Looking forward, Daniel envisions TRAXyL’s technology becoming a new standard in fiber optic installation, appreciated for its speed, cost-effectiveness, and minimal environmental impact, potentially transforming global internet access infrastructure.


Join us as Daniel Turner shares the story of TRAXyL’s innovative journey from concept to reality, the challenges overcome along the way, and the ambitious vision that drives them forward.



Pursue Disruptive Innovation:

Daniel's approach to 'painting' fiber optics onto roads is a radical departure from traditional installation methods. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo in your industry with disruptive ideas that could lead to more efficient or cost-effective solutions.

Iterate Based on Feedback and Criticism:

TRAXyL faced skepticism initially but used this feedback to refine their product and business model. Embrace criticism as an opportunity to improve your offering and address market concerns.

Understand Your Customer Base:

Navigating the complex landscape of ISPs, municipalities, and homeowners helped TRAXyL refine their target customer. Conduct thorough market research to identify and understand your customer base for more focused and effective solutions.

Utilize Government and Military Contracts for Early Funding:

Like TRAXyL, consider leveraging government and military contracts for initial funding and validation. These opportunities can provide non-dilutive funding and help de-risk your technology for future investors.

Focus on a Hybrid Approach for Go-to-Market Strategy:

TRAXyL's hybrid approach—balancing direct installations with manufacturing and leasing equipment—highlights the importance of flexibility in your go-to-market strategy. Be open to adjusting your approach based on what works best for your technology and market.

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