Our Mission

Helping Companies Bring Technology to Market since 2014.

Most innovative technology companies fail. Their technology is never adopted, and the market the founders set out to transform remains unchanged.

Every day, stories of failed technology startups hit the newscycle:

We hate reading these stories and have dedicated the past 10 years to helping founders avoid similar fates. Our mission at Front Lines is to help innovative founders successfully bring their technology to market. We fulfill this mission through three primary pillars:



Building a tech company is a hard lonely journey. There’s an endless stream of people who will offer advice on how to successfully bring technology to market but the reality is, few have actually done it before.

We believe in learning from the source — hearing directly from those in the trenches, actively participating in building the future of their industry. This is the thesis that drives all of our media efforts.

We run a network of 20+ industry podcasts, designed to learn from the journey’s of startup founders. In each episode we learn how they acquired their first customers, lessons learned from fundraising, their marketing philosophy and more.

Our Founder Interview Library has more than 500 venture-backed B2B founders who’ve collectively raised more than $14 billion in funding. 40 of these interviews have been with founders who’ve built companies worth more than $1B.

Thought Leadership Services


Video Podcast Management

You host, we handle everything else. You get a full production team, guest booking, and editorial. Build relationships,

Executive Thought Leadership

We build, manage, and grow your target customers' go-to podcast. You host, we handle literally everything else. Launch your show in 30 days.

Original Research

We conduct research then use those findings to develop a thought leadership campaign - podcast episode for each report.

All technology startups must overcome two problems: a lack of awareness and a lack of trust. If they don’t solve these problems, they will eventually fail.

Thought leadership is the most effective way to solve these problems. For the past decade, we’ve been building and executing thought leadership initiatives. We’ve built 250+ strategies, learning, adapting, and improving every time. These are the services we offer for hire.

Startup Investing and Advising

We regularly invest in pre-seed and seed B2B technology startups. We don’t just offer capital, we offer the full support of our thought leadership services and are extremely hands on in working with the founders to bring their technology to market. To date we’ve invested in more than 20 companies.