The Problem:

Everyone wants to be a thought leader, but there are more competitors creating more noise than ever before. Standing out requires something unique and different. Sharing data-backed stories is a proven way to rise above the noise.

This is done by running an Original Research playbook —  a playbook that many of the top B2B tech brands run.

  • Salesforce has their State of Marketing surveys (8th annual)
  • Verizon has their 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report
  • PwC is on their 27th Global Annual CEO Survey

Our Solution: Research-as-a-Service

We help brands execute research projects from start to finish.

Our process:
Questionnaire Design

Thesis, questionnaire design, screening criteria

Step 01
Respondent Recruiting

Identity respondents then field the survey

Step 02
Data Analysis

Pull out the top most interesting findings.

Step 03
Content Production

Write a report on the findings, design an ebook, and create other promotional video assets.

Step 04

Employee evangelism plan, paid media campaigns, social media content.

Step 05

Examples of our research:

Our latest research report delves into Front Line, offering a comprehensive analysis of market trends, challenges, and opportunities. Backed by thorough research and data-driven insights, this report aims to guide businesses and professionals in making informed decisions.

Outlets our research has appeared In: