The Trust and Awareness Problem

Every startup has a trust and awareness problem they myst overcome. Your buyers must know you exist and how you can help them. Then they must also trust your solution can solve their problem better than the current solutions on the market. If you don’t overcome these issues you chance of failure is high.

Our Solution:
Executive Thought Leadership

We build and execute your Executive Thought Leadership strategy to solve these problems. Our approach is based on the belief that people don’t buy from logos, they buy from people. There’s no better person to make front of center than the founder. We combine together different tactics with the goal of making you (or your founder) a thought leader that customers can trust to lead them into the future.

"Like all startups, in the early days, we had a major awareness problem: no one knew who we were. Front Lines came in and built and executed a program that established our position as an industry advocate and evangelist. Within less than a year, everyone that mattered knew who we were, what we stood for, and most importantly, trusted us.Their efforts played a major role in our success”.

— Marco Streng
Founder of Genesis Digital Assets

Tactics We Use to Build Thought Leadership

Ghostwritten Content

We interview you, extract your expertise, ghostwrite content, then get the articles placed on media sites your ICP trusts.

Original Research

We develop survey questionnaires, find respondents, write and design reports, then distribute your “State of XYZ” report.

Executive-Hosted Podcasts

We launch your ICPs go-to podcast. You show up and host and we handle literally everything else.

LinkedIn Engagement

We write copy and drive engagement through thought leadership content distributed via the founders LinkedIn.

Newsletter Management

We use all of the content created to attract, engage, and grow your own audience.

Targeted LinkedIn Ads

We build a list of the top 1000 prospects that matter then run ads to them promoting your thought leadership assets.

Our Battle-Tested Thought Leadership Development Process
Identify Strategic Conversations
Step : 1
Create Thought Leadership Assets
Step : 2
Distribution and Amplification
Step : 3
Build and Nurture Your Audience
Step : 4
Measure and Optimize
Step : 5