23 Founders Building the Future of Healthcare Technology

We've interviewed hundreds of founders on our show Category Visionaries over the past 18 months.

Here's a collection of our top interviews with founders who are building the future of healthcare technology.

In these interviews, we cover topics including
  • Origin stories
  • Lessons from their journey
  • GTM challenges
  • And much more!
  • Growth & adoption metrics

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Hala Borno
- Founder and CEO of Trial Library

Hala Borno, Founder and CEO of Trial Library: $5M Raised to Improve Patient Recruitment and Diversity in Oncology Clinical Trials

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Matt Renfro
- Co-Founder & CEO of Lynx

Matt Renfro, CEO of Lynx: $17.5 Million raised to Bring Modern Fintech to Healthcare

Matt is an experienced leader in healthcare, payments, and financial services. He founded Lynx after spending the last six years as an executive at Optum. Most recently, he was responsible for helping build the new direct-to-consumer division at Optum and creating the Optum Store. Prior to that, he served as the Head of Optum Pay, and Chief Product & Strategy Officer for Optum Financial Services, the nation’s largest HSA administrator, where he led Product Management, Marketing, Program Management and Client Implementation. His leadership helped grow Optum Financial from ~$300M to over $1Billion in revenue over 4.5 years, making it one of the most profitable divisions in OptumHealth. Before UnitedHealth Group, Matt spent four years at Fidelity Investments in a variety of roles across Fidelity Institutional, including, Operations, Relationship Management and Product Strategy. Matt graduated from Northeastern University and lives in Wellesley, MA with his wife, Tiffany, and two children, Cameron and Maddy.

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Joseph Schneier
- CEO of Trusty Care

Joseph Schneier, CEO of Trusty Care: $13+ Million Raised to Shape the Future of Medicare

Joseph Schneier is the founder and CEO of Trusty.care, a company dedicated to improving the financial and health outcomes of older adults. He has been working at solving complex social issues for the past twenty years. With a commitment to leaving the world a better place, Jo has been privileged to build products around early childhood literacy, foreign language acquisition, workforce development and has also conducted research on behalf of the Department of State, USAID, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and many other organizations. Jo Schneier has built and sold two companies, with exits in the ed tech space. Jo went on to form a consultancy focused on patient behavioral change that worked in coordination with research scientists on topics like drug adherence. In 2013, he co-founded Cognotion and served as the CEO until January 2018. Jo is currently working on a new startup in the digital health space looking at home as the center of health and community.

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Dr Thomas Oakley
- CEO of Feedback PLC

Dr Thomas Oakley, CEO of Feedback PLC: £20 Million Raised to Build the Future of Patient Data Sharing

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Itzik Cohen
- Co-Founder and CEO of PayZen

Itzik Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of PayZen: $240 Million Raised to Build the Future of Affordable Health Care

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David King Lassman
- Founder of GigXR

David King Lassman, Founder of GigXR: $7 Million Raised to Bring Immersive Learning to Healthcare

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Derek Streat
- Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Dexcare

Derek Streat, CEO of Dexcare: $110 Million Raised to Help Health Systems to Find Time for the Best Care

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Ty Allen
- CEO of SocialClimb

Ty Allen, CEO of SocialClimb: $12 Million Raised to Power the Future of Healthcare Marketing

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Richard Queen
- CEO and Co-Founder of DignifiHealth

Richard Queen, CEO and Co-Founder of DignifiHealth: $7 Million Raised to Drive Better Patient Outcomes in Rural Healthcare and Beyond

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Samson Magid
- Co-Founder and CEO of HealthSnap

Samson Magid, Co-Founder and CEO of HealthSnap: Over $12 Million Raised to Build the Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

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Daniel Lambert
- CEO of PathologyWatch

Daniel Lambert, CEO of PathologyWatch: Over $50 Million Raised to Build the Future of Digital Pathology

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Dipanwita Das
- CEO and Co-Founder of Sorcero

Dipanwita Das, CEO and Co-Founder of Sorcero: Over $20 Million Raised to Power Medical Affairs Teams of the Future

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Rishi Nayyar
- CEO and Co-Founder of PocketHealth

Rishi Nayyar, CEO and Co-Founder of PocketHealth: $22.5 Million Raised to Power the Future of Medical Image Sharing

Rishi Nayyar is the CEO and Co-Founder of PocketHealth, a platform transforming how medical images are shared and understood. He has a background in investment banking and alongside his brother, who serves as the CTO, has propelled the company into significant growth, focusing on patient-centric medical image-sharing solutions that utilize AI to enhance patient understanding and provider efficiency.

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