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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Alexa Berube, co-founder of Reposite, a travel tech startup that’s raised over $13.5 million in funding. Reposite is transforming the B2B group travel space by transitioning the industry from its traditional, manual processes to a centralized, online platform.

  • Unique Founding Story: Alexa and her co-founder Heather pivoted from an initial business that provided 1920s car experiences in NYC to addressing the complex needs of the B2B group travel industry.
  • Identifying a Gap: Their entry into the travel industry revealed a massive, largely offline market for B2B group travel, prompting the pivot to Reposite.
  • Comprehensive Platform: Reposite aims to be an all-in-one workspace and marketplace for planning B2B group travel, addressing the pain points of professional planners.
  • Market Opportunity and Growth: Despite being born during the COVID-19 pandemic, Reposite targets the significant $127 billion B2B group travel market in the U.S., showing strong growth and user adoption.
  • Invitation Flywheel: A unique growth strategy where both suppliers and planners drive new sign-ups, creating a powerful, organic expansion mechanism.
  • Addressing a Fragmented Industry: The complexity of group travel has deterred technological advancements, making Reposite’s comprehensive solution a potential category creator.
  • Vision for the Future: Alexa envisions Reposite becoming the central platform for all group travel, driven by AI and data to streamline planning processes.


Leverage Unique Experiences to Identify Market Gaps:

Alexa's journey from offering unique 1920s car experiences to identifying inefficiencies in the B2B group travel industry highlights the value of using one's unique experiences to uncover and address unmet needs in the market. B2B tech founders should look for opportunities in their unique experiences that might reveal gaps in the market, leading to potential ventures.

Embrace the Power of Pivot:

The transition from Nowaday to Reposite demonstrates the importance of flexibility and the willingness to pivot based on market insights. Founders should remain open to changing their business model when they identify a larger opportunity or face insurmountable challenges with their initial concept.

Build on Industry Pain Points for Category Creation:

Alexa's realization of the outdated and manual processes in B2B group travel led to the creation of Reposite, a comprehensive solution that could potentially create a new category. Founders should focus on solving complex pain points that haven't been adequately addressed by existing solutions, positioning themselves as leaders in new or reimagined categories.

Utilize a Viral Invitation Flywheel for Growth:

Reposite's growth strategy capitalizes on an invitation flywheel where both suppliers and planners facilitate new sign-ups. This approach can be a powerful mechanism for organic growth. Founders should consider how their product or service can naturally encourage existing users to bring in new users, reducing reliance on traditional marketing efforts.

Prioritize Building a Strong Team with Shared History:

Alexa's success in bringing on team members with whom she had a successful working history emphasizes the importance of a strong, cohesive team for startups. When scaling a startup, founders should consider leveraging existing professional networks to build a team with a proven track record of working well together, as this can significantly enhance execution speed and company culture.