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Recommended Founder

Dan Rosen

Founder & General Partner of Founder & General Partner

Funding the Future: Dan Rosen, Founder and GP at Commerce Ventures

Brett Calhoun

Kirby Winfield

Founding GP of Ascend VC

Kirby Winfield, Founding GP at Ascend VC

Jeff Crusey

VC of 7percent Ventures

Funding the Future: Jeff Crusey, Deep Tech Venture Investor

Kyle Harisson

General Partner of Contrary

Funding the Future: Kyle Harisson, General Partner at Contrary

Axel Bichara

Co-Founder and General Partner of Baukunst

Funding the Future: Axel Bichara, Co-Founder and General Partner of Baukunst

Dan Ahrens

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Left Lane Capital

Funding the Future: Dan Ahrens, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Left Lane Capital

Michael Patrick Gibson

Founder and General Partner of 1517 Fund

Lighting the Paper Belt On Fire: a Discussion on the Failure of Traditional Institutions with 1517 Fund’s Michael Patrick Gibson

Rak Garg

Partner of Bain Capital Ventures

Funding the Future: Rak Garg, Principal at Bain Capital Ventures

Mike Janke

Co-Founder of Data Tribe

Funding the Future: Mike Janke, Co-Founder of Data Tribe

Shomik Ghosh

Partner of Boldstart Ventures

Funding the Future: Shomik Ghosh, Partner at Boldstart Ventures

Courtney Lipkin

Partner of Susa Ventures

Funding the Future: Courtney Lipkin, Partner at Susa Ventures

Carlos Eduardo Espinal

Managing Partner of Seedcamp

Funding the Future: Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Managing Partner at Seedcamp

Nikhil Choudhary

General Partner of Nirman Ventures

Funding the Future: Nikhil Choudhary, General Partner at Nirman Ventures

Sabrina Paseman

Founding Partner of Omni Venture Labs

Funding the Future: Sabrina Paseman and Simon Lancaster, General Partners at Omni Venture Labs