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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Jack Sadler, CEO & Co-Founder of Part3, a construction administration platform that has raised $2.5 Million in funding. 

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Unlikely Beginnings: Despite the uncertainties of starting a business during a global pandemic, Part3 emerged as a testament to innovation in times of need, identifying an unexpected window for tech adoption in the construction sector.
  • Co-Founding with Family: Jack shares the unique experience of building a business with his wife, highlighting the blend of personal and professional dynamics that contribute to the company’s culture and decision-making processes.
  • Construction Administration Demystified: For many outside the construction industry, the concept of construction administration software is unfamiliar territory. Jack elaborates on how Part3 is pioneering this category, focusing on the needs of designers and engineers during the construction phase.
  • Embracing Platform Strategy: At its core, Part3 employs a platform strategy to integrate various stakeholders in the construction process, facilitating better collaboration and data management, which are critical for project success.
  • The Power of Focus: In a rapidly growing construction tech landscape, Part3 distinguishes itself by concentrating on specific challenges and maintaining a clear voice on issues they are passionate about, avoiding the noise of broader industry trends.
  • Looking Ahead: The vision for Part3 extends beyond merely addressing present challenges. Jack outlines a future where Part3 serves as the operating system for architects and engineers, transforming the industry’s reliance on documents to a more data-driven approach.



Seize Unconventional Opportunities:

The inception of Part3 during the uncertain times of 2020 demonstrates that disruptive moments can catalyze industry transformation. For B2B tech founders, it's crucial to remain vigilant and prepared to act on unforeseen opportunities, especially when shifts in industry norms present a ripe moment for introducing innovative solutions.

Harness the Power of Close Partnerships:

Building a business with a spouse or close partner can offer unparalleled synergy and insight, especially when both individuals bring complementary skills to the table. This dynamic encourages founders to consider diving into entrepreneurship with trusted partners who share a common vision and possess distinct yet compatible expertise.

Focus on Niche Problems within Legacy Industries:

Part3’s focus on construction administration software underscores the importance of targeting niche problems within larger, legacy industries. Founders should identify specific pain points that are underserved by current solutions, offering a more focused and effective product that addresses these gaps directly.

Develop a Platform Strategy for Comprehensive Solutions:

Adopting a platform strategy enables a business to become the central hub for its target users, facilitating interactions and data exchange among all stakeholders involved in a process. This approach not only solves the immediate needs of your primary users but also attracts secondary users to the platform, expanding your customer base and enhancing product stickiness.

Differentiate with Focused Communication:

In an industry becoming increasingly crowded with new technologies, maintaining a focused narrative on problems you're passionate about can help your startup stand out. Avoid diluting your message by trying to address too broad an audience or too many issues; instead, concentrate on the areas where your product truly excels and can offer unique value.

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