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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Avi Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Entrio, a responsible tech adoption platform that has raised $11 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Origins in Intelligence and Public Sector: Avi’s background in Israeli intelligence and his exposure to cutting-edge technology significantly influenced his career path, steering him toward applying this knowledge in the business world.
  • From Public Sector to Entrepreneurship: Initially focused on a career in the public sector, Avi’s experiences with technology and innovation at grad school and his interactions with tech founders shifted his path toward entrepreneurship.
  • Identifying the Real Problem: Initially aiming to connect financial institutions with innovative tech, Avi and his co-founder discovered the real challenge was not in acquiring new tech but in efficiently utilizing existing technologies.
  • Shifting Focus to Internal Efficiencies: Entrio pivoted from exposing banks to new technologies to helping them optimize and manage the tech they already possessed, addressing the deeper issue of internal tech stack complexity.
  • Speeding Up Adoption for Immediate ROI: By creating a data lake that includes all potential technology solutions, Entrio minimizes the integration time for banks, allowing them to see benefits in days rather than months.
  • The Birth of a New Market Category: Entrio has carved out a new category in tech adoption, focusing on helping organizations adopt and manage technology more responsibly, which is critical in regulated industries like banking.



Leverage Existing Resources Efficiently:

One of Avi's key insights was the shift from introducing new technologies to optimizing existing ones. This approach can significantly enhance operational efficiency and is particularly useful for startups looking to provide value in industries with heavy technological investments.

Understanding Customer Needs Deeply:

Avi’s pivot from his original business idea to what Entrio is today was based on deep customer insights. For founders, spending time understanding the real problems and pain points of your customers can lead to more impactful solutions and successful pivots.

Reduce Customer Onboarding Complexity:

Entrio reduced the complexity of onboarding by creating a comprehensive data lake that mirrors a bank’s entire technology stack. This strategy of simplifying the customer's journey to adoption can accelerate ROI and improve customer satisfaction.

Focus on Quick Wins to Shorten Sales Cycles:

In industries known for long sales cycles, finding ways to demonstrate immediate value can differentiate your product. Avi focused on quick implementation and immediate returns, which is a compelling selling point, especially in sectors like banking where changes are typically slow.

Create a New Category If Necessary:

When existing market categories do not align with your vision or product, consider creating a new category. This bold move requires educating the market but can position your company as a leader in an emerging field, as Entrio did with "responsible tech adoption."

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