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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Andrew Scheuermann, CEO of Arch Systems, a machine data and analytics company that has raised $25 million in funding.

  • Andrew’s Multicultural Insight: Andrew’s efforts to learn Chinese, motivated by his personal life and professional dealings in manufacturing, underline the importance of cultural understanding in global business operations.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Foundations: With a background that spans science, business, and technology, Andrew embodies the interdisciplinary approach needed to innovate in today’s complex markets.
  • From Academic to Entrepreneur: Andrew’s journey from conducting advanced machine research at Stanford to co-founding Arch Systems illustrates the bridge between academic research and entrepreneurial success.
  • Pivotal Shifts: Arch Systems’ pivot from a modular IoT platform to a focused machine data and analytics company for discrete manufacturing showcases the agility required to find product-market fit in emerging markets.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Andrew’s strategic decision to form close partnerships with major manufacturing companies, trading short-term revenue for long-term data and credibility, illustrates a deep understanding of value-driven growth.
  • Manufacturing Optimization Platform: Arch Systems positions itself uniquely in the Industry 4.0 space by focusing on optimizing manufacturing through data analytics, standing apart from generic IoT platforms, consultants, and MES solutions.
  • Targeted Sales Approach: Andrew’s approach to identifying digitization champions within large enterprises and navigating the IT-OT convergence is a key strategy for selling in complex B2B environments.
  • Vision for Expansion: Looking ahead, Arch Systems plans to broaden its impact by integrating more core processes into its platform and advancing its technology to enable deeper manufacturing insights and optimization.


Embrace Cultural and Global Market Dynamics:

Andrew’s initiative to learn Chinese, driven by his business's significant ties to manufacturing in China, underlines the necessity for founders to understand and respect the cultural and market dynamics of their global partners and customers. Actionable takeaway: Invest in cultural competence and market research for the regions critical to your business to navigate global markets more effectively.

Leverage Cross-Disciplinary Insights for Innovation:

Andrew's background, spanning science to entrepreneurship, highlights the value of cross-disciplinary expertise in driving innovation. Actionable takeaway: Encourage and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and interdisciplinary collaboration within your team to fuel innovative solutions.

Pivot Strategically Based on Market Feedback:

The pivot from a modular IoT platform to a focused machine data and analytics company demonstrates the importance of listening to the market and being willing to strategically shift direction. Actionable takeaway: Regularly evaluate market feedback and be prepared to pivot your product or service offering to better meet customer needs and tap into new opportunities.

Form Strategic Partnerships for Long-term Gains:

Andrew's decision to form close, strategic partnerships, sometimes at the cost of short-term revenue, underscores the long-term value of such relationships in accessing data, credibility, and scaling opportunities. Actionable takeaway: Seek and cultivate strategic partnerships with key players in your industry, focusing on long-term value and mutual growth over immediate gains.

Navigate IT-OT Convergence with a Targeted Sales Approach:

The approach to identifying digitization champions within large enterprises and the importance of bridging IT and OT for successful product implementation highlight a nuanced understanding of enterprise sales. Actionable takeaway: Develop a sales strategy that acknowledges and targets the diverse stakeholders involved in enterprise technology adoption, ensuring your solutions meet the intersecting needs of IT and OT departments.

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