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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Humphrey Bowles, CEO & Founder of Superhog, a digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry that’s raised over $7 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Journey into Startups: Humphrey was introduced to the world of startups in 2009 after meeting founders of One Fine Stay. This experience opened his eyes to a world of opportunities beyond his corporate career, marking the beginning of his venture into startups.
  • The Genesis of Superhog: Founded in 2019, Superhog emerged from Humphrey’s prior venture, Guardhog. While Guardhog addressed the insurance side of property rental, Superhog evolved to prevent property damage through advanced tech and risk management, fundamentally changing the approach to property protection.
  • What Superhog Offers: As a digital trust platform, Superhog equips property managers with tools for guest screening, deposit management, and resolution services. The platform caters to a broad spectrum of property managers by allowing customization to meet diverse regulatory requirements and specific property needs.
  • Integration with Rental Platforms: Superhog works across rental platforms, including Airbnb, addressing platform-specific regulations while ensuring a consistent level of service. This capability is crucial for property managers seeking to maintain safety and trust across multiple listing platforms.
  • Growth and Traction: Superhog has experienced rapid growth, achieving a consistent 12% month-on-month growth rate and navigating through COVID-19 by focusing on product development and expanding into the leisure market alongside urban rentals.
  • The Importance of Partnerships: For Superhog, partnerships, especially with tech businesses in the short-term rental industry, have been a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. These partnerships have enabled efficient customer onboarding and service delivery, emphasizing the significance of integrations in their growth strategy.



Leverage Your Background:

Humphrey's transition from a corporate career to the startup world highlights the value of leveraging diverse experiences. Founders should not shy away from tapping into their unique backgrounds, whether corporate or otherwise, as these experiences can provide valuable insights and skills applicable to building a successful startup.

Identify and Address a Clear Market Need:

The inception of Superhog was driven by a clear market need for better risk management in the vacation rental industry. Founders should focus on identifying specific problems within their target market and develop solutions that address these needs effectively, rather than creating solutions in search of a problem.

Innovate Beyond Traditional Solutions:

Humphrey realized that insurance was only a partial solution to property damage in vacation rentals. This led to the development of Superhog, which uses technology to prevent incidents before they happen. Founders should always be open to evolving their approach and exploring innovative solutions that better serve their customers' needs.

Build Strong Partnerships:

The emphasis on partnerships with other tech businesses in the vacation rental ecosystem underlines the importance of collaboration for growth. Founders should actively seek out and nurture strategic partnerships that can amplify their reach, enhance their product offerings, and provide added value to their customers.

Adapt and Evolve Through Challenges:

Superhog's strategic pivot and focus on product development during COVID-19 is a testament to the importance of adaptability. Founders must be prepared to pivot their strategies in response to market changes and challenges, using these periods as opportunities for growth and product enhancement.

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