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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from the tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Luca Zambello, CEO and founder of Jurny, a hospitality tech startup that has raised over 12 million in funding. Join us as we dive into Luca’s path from promoting clubs in LA to revolutionizing the hospitality industry with an all-in-one technology platform designed to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Luca’s entrepreneurial spirit took him from Italy to the US, where he stumbled into the hospitality industry, illustrating the importance of being open to unexpected opportunities.
  • Initial Success: Luca’s early venture into luxury villa rentals for events led to significant success, showcasing his ability to identify and fill market gaps with innovative solutions.
  • Tech Stack Development: The creation of Jurny’s technology platform addressed a major gap in the hospitality industry, offering a comprehensive solution where previously none existed, underscoring the importance of innovation in scaling operations.
  • Management Operating System (MOS): Jurny’s shift from a traditional Property Management System (PMS) to a Management Operating System (MOS) represents a significant leap forward in hospitality management technology.
  • Technology Adoption in Hospitality: Luca highlights the slow adoption of technology within the hospitality industry, particularly among hotels, and the opportunity for disruption.
  • Vision for the Future: Luca envisions a future where mobile technology simplifies and enhances the guest experience, making traditional check-ins obsolete and automating operations.
  • The Role of Reliable Technology: The discussion emphasizes the critical importance of reliability in technology adoption, especially in guest-facing applications, to avoid compromising the guest experience.


Seize Unforeseen Opportunities:

Luca's transition from club promotions to luxury villa rentals highlights the value of seizing unforeseen opportunities. Entrepreneurs should remain open to new avenues, as unexpected paths can lead to substantial success.

Fill Market Gaps with Innovation:

The creation of a landing page that generated significant revenue showcases the power of identifying and filling market gaps with simple, innovative solutions. Startups should focus on solving clear market needs that are currently unaddressed or poorly served.

Develop a Comprehensive Tech Stack:

Luca's development of Jurny’s comprehensive technology platform underscores the importance of creating solutions that address industry-wide pain points. Startups should aim to build or utilize integrated tech stacks that streamline operations and enhance user experiences.

Embrace and Drive Technological Adoption:

Highlighting the hospitality industry's slow tech adoption, Luca’s journey with Jurny exemplifies the potential to disrupt traditional industries with technology. Entrepreneurs should not only embrace technology but also drive its adoption within their target markets.

Prioritize Reliability in Technology:

The emphasis on reliable technology for guest-facing applications teaches that the success of a tech solution heavily relies on its dependability. Startups should ensure their products are reliable to avoid negatively impacting the user experience.

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