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  • Entrepreneurial Journey and Background: Mark Morissette shares his journey from working in finance and insurance to co-founding Foxquilt, emphasizing the early realization of the need for innovation within the insurance industry.
  • Passion for Insurance: Morissette’s transition to insurance was driven by witnessing outdated practices in the industry and a strong desire to introduce technological advancements and customer-centric products, especially focusing on small commercial lines.
  • Innovation in Insuretech: Foxquilt’s mission to address the lack of ingenuity in insurance products for small business owners by developing a platform that offers personalized, fair value insurance policies.
  • Product Differentiation: Highlighting Foxquilt’s unique approach to insurance, offering a tailored experience for small business owners by enabling them to build their own insurance policy that truly reflects their specific needs.
  • Regulatory Challenges and Solutions: Navigating the complex regulatory environment across different states and provinces, emphasizing Foxquilt’s strategic approach to developing a scalable product suited for a North American market.
  • Customer Growth and Distribution Channels: Insights into Foxquilt’s growth, customer acquisition, and the strategic use of diverse distribution channels to reach small business owners across various industries.
  • Fundraising and Growth Strategy: Morissette discusses the challenges of raising capital in Canada, the importance of intellectual capital, and staying disciplined and focused on building in-house technology and products.
  • Advice to New Entrepreneurs: Emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with diverse and talented individuals, staying true to one’s vision despite external skepticism, and the significance of a diversified distribution strategy for scalability and risk management.


Embrace Your Industry’s Complexities

Morissette's transition into insurance showcases the importance of understanding and navigating the complexities of your industry. For founders, deeply comprehending regulatory challenges and leveraging them to innovate can be a significant differentiator.

Customer-Centric Product Development

Foxquilt’s approach to allowing small business owners to tailor their insurance policies underlines the power of putting customer needs at the forefront of product development. This strategy can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for B2B tech founders looking to create a lasting impact.

Diversified Distribution Strategy

The success of Foxquilt’s multi-channel distribution strategy emphasizes the importance of not limiting your product’s reach. For B2B founders, exploring various distribution channels can increase market penetration and reduce risk.

Intellectual Capital Over Financial Capital

Morissette's journey highlights how intellectual capital—talent, knowledge, and innovation—can be more crucial than financial capital, especially in early stages. B2B founders should focus on building a strong team and innovative solutions to attract investment and drive growth.

Build In-House Technology for Control and Agility

Foxquilt’s commitment to developing its technology in-house allowed for greater control, customization, and agility. For B2B founders, investing in proprietary technology can provide a competitive edge and faster response to market needs.

Prioritize Underwriting Profitability from Day One

Foxquilt’s focus on underwriting profitability since inception teaches the importance of building a financially sustainable business model from the start. B2B tech founders should ensure their solutions are not just innovative but also economically viable for long-term success.

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