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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Ryan Fink, CEO & Co-Founder at Digs, an AI collaboration platform for builders that has raised $14 Million in funding.

Most Interesting Points from Our Conversation:

  • Early Adoption of AR and Computer Vision: Ryan’s initial foray into entrepreneurship involved leveraging emerging technologies like augmented reality and computer vision, which eventually led to the strategic acquisition of his first company due to its innovative approach.
  • Leveraging Past Learnings: The experience and lessons learned from his first venture significantly shaped Ryan’s approach in his subsequent startups, particularly in how he managed internal communication and team scaling.
  • Strategic Exits: Ryan’s experience with negotiating exits for his companies has been characterized by a mix of strategic foresight and transparency, ensuring that acquisitions not only provided financial returns but also respected the vision and culture of his startups.
  • Patents as a Strategic Asset: Holding over 30 patents, Ryan emphasized the importance of intellectual property not just for defensive purposes but also as a value-add for partnerships with large corporations which may be susceptible to patent litigations.
  • Innovative Use of Technology in Building: With Digs, Ryan is addressing the lack of digitization in the home building process by developing a platform that integrates AI to create a digital twin of homes, enhancing both the builder’s and homeowner’s experience.
  • Focus on Customer-Centric Solutions: Ryan’s strategy involves deep market research and maintaining a sharp focus on solving core customer pain points without succumbing to the allure of expanding the product’s scope prematurely.



Utilize Emerging Technologies to Address Unmet Needs:

Ryan's ventures successfully leveraged emerging technologies like AR and computer vision early on, demonstrating the value of adopting innovative tools to solve practical problems before they become mainstream. For B2B tech founders, identifying and harnessing such technologies can create unique market opportunities.

Apply Lessons from Past Experiences to New Ventures:

Ryan emphasized learning from past mistakes and successes, particularly in how to manage scaling and internal communication. Founders should consciously apply these learnings to optimize operations in subsequent ventures, avoiding past pitfalls and reinforcing successful strategies.

Negotiate Strategic Exits with Transparency:

In discussing his company exits, Ryan highlighted the importance of transparency and strategic alignment during acquisition talks. For founders, maintaining an open and honest negotiation can facilitate smoother transitions and better outcomes for both the startup and the acquiring entity.

Build a Strong IP Portfolio as a Competitive Advantage:

Patents can serve as a critical asset, not only protecting technology but also adding value to partnerships with larger firms concerned about IP conflicts. Startups should consider developing a robust IP strategy to enhance their market position and attract potential partners.

Conduct Extensive Market Research Before Product Development:

Ryan's approach to building Digs involved significant market research to validate the concept before development commenced. This process can minimize risks and ensure the product meets actual market needs, which is crucial for tech startups aiming to disrupt traditional industries.

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