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  • Violet’s Origins: Brandon recounts his leap from a career in social commerce to founding Violet, spurred by a passion to tackle the sprawling challenges of e-commerce data integration. His journey is a testament to the power of vision meeting opportunity.
  • The Passion Behind the Project: Beyond Violet, Brandon shares his life as an entrepreneur who finds balance in triathlon training and moments with his golden retriever, illustrating the multifaceted nature of tech founders today.
  • Admiring Effective Leadership: A nod to Patrick Collison of Stripe for his clear and impactful leadership style, Brandon discusses the influence of such visionary figures in shaping his approach to building and leading Violet.
  • A Transformative Read: Brandon highlights “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt as a pivotal book that expanded his understanding of human behavior and decision-making, influencing his entrepreneurial and personal life.
  • Solving E-Commerce Challenges: Dive into how Violet is simplifying the complex web of e-commerce data, offering businesses a unified solution that stands to revolutionize the industry.
  • Overcoming Startup Hurdles: From conceptualization to market entry, Brandon sheds light on the obstacles Violet faced and the strategic decisions that propelled them forward.
  • Future Aspirations for Violet: Looking ahead, Brandon shares his vision for Violet’s role in the evolving e-commerce landscape, emphasizing the potential of emerging technologies like AI and augmented reality to further transform online shopping experiences.
  • Fundraising Journey and Insights: Reflecting on Violet’s successful fundraising efforts, Brandon offers valuable lessons on navigating the venture capital world, highlighting the importance of resilience, clarity, and the right partnerships.


Leverage Past Experience and Industry Gaps

Brandon's journey with Violet highlights the importance of using past experiences and recognizing industry gaps. Founders should look for unmet needs within their industries, just as Brandon identified the complexities and inefficiencies in e-commerce integrations, leading to the creation of Violet.

Category Creation is a Process of Clarity

Brandon's struggle to define a new market category for Violet underscores that category creation is less about naming and more about achieving clarity on what the product does and its value proposition. Founders should focus on clearly communicating the unique benefits of their product rather than rushing to label their market category.

Building the Right Team and Network Matters

The significance of having a co-founder and team that shares your vision and grit cannot be overstated. Additionally, Brandon's narrative about the shift in fundraising dynamics after finding product-market fit and establishing the right connections illustrates the critical role of building a supportive network around your startup.

Embrace Iteration and Customer Feedback for Product Development:

Violet's approach to product development, starting with visuals and metaphors before finalizing the messaging, emphasizes the importance of iterative development and aligning your product with customer perceptions and needs.

Prepare for a Long Haul in Fundraising and Growth

Brandon's four-year struggle before securing significant funding is a stark reminder of the patience and perseverance required in the startup world. Founders should be prepared for a long journey, focusing on building a solid product and achieving key milestones rather than getting distracted by the fundraising process.

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