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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Hans Elstner, CEO & Founder of Rooom, an enterprise metaverse platform that’s raised over $25 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Early Challenges: Hans started Rooom in 2016, spending three years developing the software before launching. Convincing stakeholders and refining the product were significant early hurdles.
  • First Major Client: Securing the first big customer involved numerous visits and extensive persuasion, ultimately landing a six-figure deal that validated Rooom’s value proposition.
  • Expanding Vertical Focus: Initially targeting marketing, Rooom now serves multiple verticals including training, onboarding, and virtual events, adapting to the needs of various departments within larger enterprises.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: After initially attempting to enter multiple global markets simultaneously, Rooom refocused on select European countries and the US, finding this approach more manageable and effective.
  • Product-Led Growth: Rooom emphasizes a product-led growth strategy, ensuring their 3D technology is user-friendly and addresses clear ROI metrics for customers, complemented by thought leadership and storytelling.
  • Pandemic Impact: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual events and 3D solutions, significantly boosting Rooom’s growth and reducing the need for extensive educational efforts about the technology.



Focus on Web-Based Solutions:

For scalability and ease of integration, prioritize web-based technologies over game engines, ensuring compatibility across various hardware and lower energy consumption.

Prioritize B2B Over B2C:

Enterprise customers are more willing to invest in advanced technologies, making B2B a more viable and lucrative market for complex solutions like the metaverse.

Leverage Thought Leadership:

Establishing expertise through keynotes and media presence can significantly enhance market credibility and drive lead generation.

Strategic Market Entry:

Rather than spreading efforts too thin across numerous countries, focus on key markets where you can establish a strong presence and gather momentum.

Adapt to Market Needs:

Be flexible and willing to pivot your product focus based on customer feedback and market demand, ensuring your solution remains relevant and valuable.

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