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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Alitheon, a company that builds solutions for authentication, identification, and traceability of parts, products, and people, delving into the technologies that secure and streamline the verification processes across various industries.

  • Roei’s Multicultural Background: Raised in Israel and across Asia due to his father’s shipping career, Roei’s international upbringing played a significant role in shaping his global perspective on business and technology.
  • The Problem of Counterfeiting: Alitheon addresses the $2.3 trillion issue of counterfeiting, focusing on critical areas like medicine, aviation parts, and more, rather than just luxury goods.
  • Unique Technology: Alitheon’s technology creates “feature prints” from images of physical items, allowing for the authentication of the specific item without reliance on easily faked external markers like stickers or barcodes.
  • Impact of Military Service: Roei highlights how his military service ingrained in him the values of equality, trust, and efficiency, principles he applies in his leadership at Alitheon.
  • Strategic Industry Focus: Alitheon concentrates on industries where the cost of failure is high, such as transportation, defense, healthcare, precious metals, and luxury goods, addressing counterfeit and traceability challenges.
  • Vision for Consumer Empowerment: Looking forward, Alitheon plans to develop consumer-facing applications, enabling individuals to verify the authenticity and ownership of personal belongings through a simple photo.
  • The Power of Directness: Roei’s Israeli background contributes to a culture of directness and efficiency within Alitheon, fostering clear communication and quick decision-making.
  • Future Expansion: The company’s future includes a consumer application, allowing people to authenticate their possessions simply using their smartphones, significantly impacting insurance, theft, and fraud on a global scale.


Adopt a Problem-Centric Approach to Innovation:

Alitheon's creation was driven by identifying and solving significant, real-world problems — specifically, the challenge of counterfeiting, which affects crucial sectors like medicine, aviation, and defense. For tech founders, this underscores the value of focusing on problems that have a substantial impact, guiding your product development to address these critical issues directly.

Differentiate with Deep Technology:

Alitheon's use of unique "feature prints" for authentication showcases the potential of deep tech to offer novel solutions in crowded or complex markets. As a founder, investing in proprietary technology that can deliver clear, differentiated value may provide a competitive edge, especially in industries burdened by legacy issues or inefficiencies.

Strategic Focus on High-Stakes Industries:

By targeting sectors where failure or fraud has dire consequences, Alitheon positioned itself as an essential solution rather than a nice-to-have. Founders should consider concentrating their efforts on industries where their technology can not only thrive but become indispensable due to the high stakes involved.

Future-Proof Your Solution with Scalability in Mind:

Alitheon's roadmap includes expanding their technology's application to consumer markets, illustrating the importance of scalability and adaptability in your business model. Building your technology with the flexibility to enter new markets or applications can secure long-term growth and relevance.

Harness the Power of Direct Communication:

While the episode emphasized the cultural aspect of directness, there's a valuable takeaway for all founders: the importance of clear, direct communication within your organization. Fostering an environment where ideas and concerns can be openly discussed without unnecessary fluff can lead to more efficient decision-making and a more agile business.

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