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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Khaled Naim, CEO & Founder of Onfleet, a last mile delivery solution that’s raised $42 Million in funding.

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Early Inspiration: Khaled’s firsthand experience with inefficient location communication in Dubai inspired the creation of Onfleet.
  • Pivot to Last Mile Delivery: After realizing the challenges with their initial product, Addy, Khaled and his Co-Founders pivoted to solving the last mile delivery problem, identifying a significant market need.
  • Customer-Centric Product Development: Onfleet’s initial product iterations were based on direct feedback from early paying customers, highlighting the importance of listening to customer needs.
  • Trust Building: Despite early technical challenges, Onfleet’s commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction helped build trust with mission-critical operations.
  • Competitive Positioning: Onfleet differentiates itself through superior product quality, user-friendly interfaces, and a strong focus on customer support, positioning it as a premium solution in a crowded market.
  • Future Vision: Khaled envisions Onfleet as the hub for all things last mile delivery, integrating various delivery modes and expanding support for driver sourcing, payments, and financial products.



Prioritize Product Market Fit:

Early product iterations should be heavily influenced by direct feedback from potential customers. Onfleet’s pivot to last mile delivery was driven by market demand and real customer pain points.

Build Trust Gradually:

Establishing trust with customers, especially in mission-critical operations, requires consistent reliability and transparency. Each interaction is an opportunity to build or lose trust.

Embrace Iterative Development:

Launch a minimal viable product quickly and iterate based on customer feedback. Onfleet’s journey from Addy to its current form highlights the value of adaptability and responsiveness to market needs.

Focus on Premium Quality:

Position your product as a premium solution by emphasizing superior quality, user experience, and robust support. Onfleet’s success in a competitive market underscores the importance of maintaining high standards.

Balance Advice with Experience:

While external advice is valuable, trust your own judgment and be willing to learn from your experiences. Khaled advises taking others’ advice with a grain of salt and prioritizing firsthand learning.

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