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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Edouard Gouin, CEO & Co-Founder of Convelio, an art logistics platform that has raised $44 Million in funding.

Here are the most Interesting points from the conversation:

  • Rocket Internet Experience: Edouard shares how working at Rocket Internet emphasized the importance of execution over strategy, highlighting the value of strong purpose-driven work beyond just profitability.
  • Identifying a Market Gap: The inspiration for Convelio came from the frustration of dealing with inefficient and costly fine art shipping processes, leading to the creation of a FedEx-like solution for the art market.
  • Navigating a Traditional Market: Edouard discusses the challenges and gradual approach Convelio took to break into the conservative art market, starting with antique dealers and progressively moving to larger clients.
  • Expansion and Acquisition: Convelio’s strategic acquisition in the UK aimed to consolidate their presence and enhance their capability to handle high-value shipments, bridging gaps in their service offerings.
  • Impact of COVID and NFTs: The pandemic and the rise of NFTs brought new buyers into the art market, expanding its size and visibility. Edouard believes physical art will continue to coexist with digital art.
  • Future Vision: Edouard envisions Convelio expanding geographically and developing more digital tools to streamline art logistics, aiming to move the art industry forward.



Execution is Key:

Ideas alone are not enough. Edouard's experience at Rocket Internet highlights the necessity of impeccable execution to bring business models to life successfully.

Market Validation Through Pain Points:

Identify and validate business opportunities by addressing specific frustrations within an industry. Convelio’s success stemmed from solving inefficiencies in fine art shipping.

Strategic Entry into Conservative Markets:

Penetrating traditional markets requires a progressive approach. Start with smaller segments and build credibility before targeting larger, established clients.

Purpose-Driven Growth:

Beyond financial gains, ensure your business has a strong purpose. This not only drives motivation but also helps in building a loyal team and client base.

Adapt and Innovate with Market Trends:

Stay agile and ready to integrate new trends, such as digital transformation and NFTs, to keep your business relevant and expand its market reach.

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