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  • Introduction to Liz Muller and Deep Isolation: Discover Liz Muller’s unique background, combining environmental passion with a business and physics perspective, and how it led to co-founding Deep Isolation, aiming to solve the critical issue of nuclear waste disposal.
  • Admiration for Persistent Founders: Liz shares her admiration for founders who are still in the trenches, highlighting the resilience required in the startup journey before reaching success.
  • Influence of Literature: Liz discusses the impact of “The Messy Middle” by Scott Belsky on her current thinking, emphasizing the challenges and complexities of growing a company beyond its initial stages.
  • Solving Nuclear Waste Disposal: Deep Isolation’s mission to be the first to successfully dispose of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste, addressing the primary obstacle to the broader adoption of nuclear power for climate change mitigation.
  • Misconceptions about Nuclear Energy: Addressing common misconceptions, Liz emphasizes the safety of nuclear energy and the distinction between nuclear power and weaponry, underscoring the need for a disposal solution for nuclear waste.
  • Demonstration and Partnerships: The significance of Deep Isolation’s successful demonstration in 2019, overcoming industry skepticism and leading to partnerships with major companies, moving closer to solving the nuclear waste challenge.
  • Community Engagement and Incentives: Liz explains the importance of community engagement in nuclear waste disposal projects, offering safety improvements and land use benefits as key incentives for community support.
  • Vision for the Future: Liz shares her vision for Deep Isolation in the coming years, including conducting demonstrations with government contracts and moving towards the first actual waste disposal, showcasing a sustainable and safe solution for nuclear waste.


Takeaway #1: Tackle Significant, Unresolved Problems

Muller emphasizes the importance of addressing large-scale, unresolved issues. Her focus on nuclear waste disposal, a critical and longstanding problem, underscores the potential impact and opportunity in tackling significant challenges that align with global needs and sustainability goals.

Takeaway #2: Value of Demonstrations and Proof of Concept

Deep Isolation's success in conducting a demonstration of their technology, despite industry skepticism, highlights the importance of proving your solution's viability. This not only builds credibility but can also be a pivotal moment in gaining trust from stakeholders, including governments and communities.

Takeaway #3: Engagement and Education as Marketing Tools:

Muller's approach to utilizing a podcast for education and engagement illustrates the effectiveness of thought leadership and content marketing. By addressing misconceptions and providing valuable insights, B2B tech founders can build a knowledgeable community around their solutions, fostering trust and understanding.

Takeaway #4: Navigating Fundraising with Positivity

Muller's insights into enjoying the fundraising process, despite its ups and downs, stress the importance of embracing the journey. Her advice to find enjoyment in challenging conversations and to use them as opportunities for reflection and learning is crucial for maintaining momentum and optimism through fundraising efforts.

Takeaway #5: Adaptability and Flexibility in Planning

The advice to remain agile and open to changes reflects the unpredictable nature of startups. Muller's experience underlines the need for founders to be prepared for shifts in direction, adapting their strategies as the company evolves and as new opportunities and challenges arise.

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