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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Matt LeDucq, CEO & Co-Founder of Forum Mobility, a zero-emission fleet solutions provider that has raised $423 Million in funding. 

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Transitioning from Renewable Energy to Zero-Emission Trucking: Matt’s extensive background in renewable energy and the trades shaped his perspective on the potential of zero-emission heavy-duty trucking, drawing parallels between early skepticism towards solar energy and current doubts about electric trucks.
  • Overcoming Skepticism with Vision: Despite facing skepticism similar to early doubts about renewable energy, Matt is confident that zero-emission trucking will become as ubiquitous as solar energy has, driven by undeniable environmental and community health benefits.
  • The Journey from Concept to Creation: The realization of the vast infrastructure investment needed to support California’s zero-emission mandates spurred Matt to move from ideation in 2018-2019 to founding Forum Mobility in 2021, with a focus on addressing the regulatory push towards cleaner transportation.
  • Charging Infrastructure as the First Step: Matt emphasizes that building a successful zero-emission fleet solution starts with acquiring strategically located land for charging depots, underscoring the importance of understanding market dynamics and regulatory environments.
  • Providing Comprehensive Fleet Solutions: Forum Mobility distinguishes itself by offering trucks and charging as a service, aiming to make the transition to zero-emission vehicles seamless and affordable for truckers and fleet operators.
  • Navigating Policy and Regulation: Matt highlights the critical role of policy and regulatory engagement in the energy and transportation sectors, advocating for collaboration with competitors and policymakers to foster industry advancement.



Leverage Industry Experience for Innovation:

Matt’s seamless transition from renewable energy to zero-emission trucking underlines the value of applying insights from one’s past experiences to address emerging challenges. For tech founders, this underscores the importance of using your unique background to innovate and solve problems in your current ventures.

Focus on Regulatory Opportunities:

Matt’s strategic focus on California due to its progressive policies on zero-emission vehicles illustrates the importance of aligning business models with regulatory environments. Founders should consider how regulatory frameworks can create opportunities for their businesses and use this as a guide for strategic decision-making.

Start with a Strong Operational Foundation:

Identifying and securing strategic locations for infrastructure development was a critical first step for Forum Mobility. This emphasizes the need for tech founders to establish a solid operational base, whether it’s through securing key resources or optimizing logistical operations, to support scalable growth.

Offer Comprehensive Solutions to Overcome Market Resistance:

By providing trucks along with charging as a service, Forum Mobility addresses a major barrier to adoption. This approach can be a model for founders in other sectors: consider comprehensive solutions that address potential customer hesitations and make the transition to your product or service as frictionless as possible.

Engage in Policy and Advocacy Work:

Matt’s investment in policy engagement and lobbying underscores the impact of regulatory environments on tech innovation and market penetration. Founders should not shy away from policy engagement; instead, they should see it as an essential part of their strategy to navigate and influence the regulatory landscapes that affect their businesses.

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