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  • The Origin Story: Shalabh’s narrative begins with his formative years in India, detailing his transition from an engineer to a financier, and eventually, to a serial entrepreneur. His passion for solving large-scale problems led him to found Trademo amidst the global turmoil of 2020, aiming to revolutionize supply chain management with AI.
  • Admiration for Resilience: When asked about his inspirations, Shalabh speaks to the broader spectrum of individuals who have influenced him, from founders and professionals to mentors who’ve never helmed a company. His admiration for problem-solving, patience, and the ‘never give up’ attitude reflects the qualities he embodies as a founder.
  • Redefining Supply Chain Intelligence: Trademo’s mission is to create a “single source of truth” for global supply chains. Shalabh’s explanation of how Trademo’s platform offers intelligence, compliance, and risk management as a unified solution illustrates his innovative approach to redefining the category.
  • Rapid Growth and Traction: Despite market uncertainties, Trademo has experienced significant demand for its supply chain AI solutions. Shalabh’s account of 100% month-on-month growth in the first year post-launch highlights the market’s readiness for such innovations.
  • The Importance of Content and Engagement: In discussing marketing strategies, Shalabh emphasizes the value of quality content and the resurgence of physical events in building trust and rapport with clients. His insights into content marketing underscore the necessity of founders to lead by example in setting content standards.
  • Navigating Fundraising with Prudence: Shalabh’s fundraising philosophy revolves around thoughtful engagement with investors who understand the space and share a compatible vision for growth. His emphasis on building relationships with investors over time speaks to a strategic approach to capital raising.


Leverage Diverse Experiences

Shalabh's journey from engineering to finance, and eventually to entrepreneurship, underscores the value of leveraging diverse professional experiences. For B2B founders, it's crucial to draw on all areas of your background to inform your business strategy and problem-solving approach.

Identify Market Vulnerabilities as Opportunities:

The inception of Trademo amidst the pandemic highlights the importance of observing market vulnerabilities as opportunities for innovation. B2B founders should stay vigilant about global events and industry shifts to identify where their solutions can address emerging needs.

The Significance of Building an All-encompassing Solution

Trademo's approach to offering intelligence, compliance, and risk management as a unified solution serves as a case study for founders on the benefits of creating comprehensive platforms that address multiple facets of a problem, thus redefining their market category.

Content and Engagement are Key to B2B Marketing

Emphasizing the importance of quality content and the resurgence of physical events, Shalabh points out the necessity of building trust through valuable marketing interactions. Founders should focus on delivering value in every piece of content and utilize events for direct engagement.

Stay True to Your Vision While Adapting

Shalabh's experience of staying true to Trademo's vision, despite initial comparisons to existing players, emphasizes the importance of original thinking and persistence. Founders should remain committed to their unique perspective while being adaptable to market feedback and evolving their approach as necessary.

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